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Re: [tlug] SUSE wipeout! (Add /home partition in Ubuntu)

On Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 01:06:32PM -0700, s smith wrote:
> I have heard that Ubuntu is moving away from GNOME because of some
> kind of difference between Mr. Shuttleworth and the GNOME developers
> but can't seem to find anything on it on-line.  Does anyone know
> what's actually going on?

Not for sure, yet my theory is that the Ubuntu folks did think
gnome3 to be to different to get accepted - can not really comment
if unity is more gnome2 style, have not tried it yet.

If you dislike unity it could be a good idea to try out gnome3
bevore stepping back to gnome2 or sidewards to windowmanagers like

Hey, at least in our Linux world we have still movement and also
big steps are done - instead of companys deciding on what is good
for all of their users..


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