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Re: [tlug] Reversing a YUI compressed file [SOLVED]

Stephen, Kyle, Jun-Dai,

Thank you all for responding. did the trick nicely. It broke the file up into human
readable form, and from here I'm able to go in and get missing
functions. The YUI compressor simplified a few variable names, and I've
lost a lot of my copious comments, so it's not a 100% restoration.
However, I should be able to get back to full functionality again.

Thanks for the tip.

And yes, I'll be modifying my back systems so as to hopefully avoid this
kind of thing again. I disabled "smart autoremove" in Back In Time, and
I'm now paying Dropbox for their "pack-rat" recovery service. I also
have a Deja-Dup backup, but that's another story.

Anyway, lessons learned. Onto the next cataclysm!

Thanks as always to TLUG for being the great resource that it is.

Dave M G

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