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Re: [tlug] [OT: recent legal changes for paypal in Japan?]

> Apologies for the off topic thread- just had a quick question that I
> thought someone on the list might be able to help with. I was thinking
> of adding a PayPal donate button to a website I'm running. However, it
> appears that since April 1st the law has changed in Japan- according to
> PayPal:
> "Japanese users cannot send money to their friends or relatives living
> in Japan or outside of Japan. They can only make payments for the
> purchase of goods and services."
> Which reads to me like "Unless you are an official registered tax paying
> merchant selling a product in Japan, no yen for you."
> Am I reading this wrong? Is anyone in Japan using paypal to get
> donations?
> Thanks in advance for any advice.
> Scott in Tokyo

Well, that sounds like it removes much of the utility from PayPal in
this country
when you can just do a normal furikomi within the country, and sending money
overseas requires wading through an unceasing ocean of incompetence.


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