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Re: [tlug] multibyte tr (or i18n coreutils)

Travis Cardwell wrote:
> For anybody who wants an English overview of Japanese phone number
> mnemonics, it is the subject of a chapter of _13 Secrets for Speaking
> Fluent Japanese_ by Giles Murray (Kodansha 1999).

I don't think it is worth reading a book.

The key is remembering all the possible pronunciations of numbers
in Japanese like :

1 - i, itsu, hi, hito
2 - ni, fu, futa
3 - sa, san, mi, mitsu
4 - yo, yon, shi
5 - go, ko
6 - ro, roku, mu, mutsu
7 - na, nana, hi, hichi
8 - ya, yatsu, ha, hachi
9 - ku, kyu, kokonotsu
0 - re, rei, o

Combining these into words is another story though.
There is no shortcut for learning a language :)


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