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Re: [tlug] multibyte tr (or i18n coreutils)

On 19/04/2010 08:06, Michal Hajek wrote:
> This may be interesting also in other languages. In particular, I would
> be interested in a Japanese view of this idea. And of course, one may
> think of many interesting words too ;) 

The idea of phone mnemonics is well established in Japanese: it's called
語呂合わせ (goroawase). In fact it's so well established I don't think
you want to be doing something based on phone text input instead.
Goroawase is much more flexible than simple substition because Japanese
numbers have at least two readings, plus funny games you can play. has a goro database (choose
a number of digits from the dropdown) and has a number to
goroawase convertor.

Apparently my home phone number here in the UK (310124) reads as
幸い日本, which is rather pleasing.



I think of AI as the study of programming situations where either don't
know what you want, or don't know how to get it.
    - Sean Burke

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