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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu update woes

2010/4/9 Raedwolf Summoner <>
Today a major update notice came to my system, and I agreed, as always,
to let Ubuntu update itself. Major problems.

1. No sound.

Pulse Audio maybe?
2. No scanner (although the printer portion of the Brother all-in-one printer/fax/scanner works).

3. Wondering what else is broken.

Any suggestions as to where I should start trying to fix this? (I am not a geek,
and really don't know where to start.)

I'd start by checking the /var/log/messages log to see what kind of errors you may be getting. (Also check while you try to use the sound card and start the scanner.) You might also check what packages got updated and google for fixes for them. I think ubuntu logs the updates in /var/log/apt/term.log. I does for me anyway but I use apt-get. But I think looking for errors in the logs is the best place to start then either ask the list about the specific errors if a few googles haven't helped out.


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