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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu update woes

> Today a major update notice came to my system, and I agreed, as always,
> to let Ubuntu update itself. Major problems.

Hello Ralph,
Which version of Ubuntu? I'm running 8.04 and I see I have 56 updates
waiting. (And having seen your message they'll wait a bit longer :-)

I can see "libaudiofile0" wants to update to 0.2.6-7ubuntu1.8.04.1
It also wants to upgrade the kernel to 2.6.24-27-server. Some mention of
cameras in there, which perhaps includes scanners too?

Have you rebooted since the upgrade? If so, try rebooting again but
choosing the previous kernel.

...reading your post more carefully (about distros being disabled) I
think my advice is no use - you've gone from one ubuntu version to
another, and going back is basically not possible. I had the same
problem when going from 7 to 8.04 [1][2]



> 1. No sound.
> 2. No scanner (although the printer portion of the Brother all-in-one printer/fax/scanner works).
> 3. Wondering what else is broken.
> I guess I should just feel lucky they didn't break the internet connection.
> I was notified that all the 3rd-party repositories had been turned off by
> the update and if I wanted to use them (why else would I have turned
> them on?) I would have to go reset them. That I can do.
> Any suggestions as to where I should start trying to fix this? (I am not a geek,
> and really don't know where to start.)
> Thanks, 
> --Ralph in Chiba
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