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Re: [tlug] You are Not a Gadget, by Jaron Lanier

Charles Muller writes:

 > Huh? TEI is an XML markup application. What has that got to do with 
 > licensing of content that uses it?

I thought TEI was the Text Encoding Initiative, and an organization
(like, say, Project Gutenberg) dedicated to bringing free texts to the
digital world.

 > So the point is that the technology for "making knowledge free" has 
 > ended up bringing about unforeseen consequences,

What "unforeseen consequences"?  The consequences you describe can
only be unforeseen if you know nothing about the history of the
publishing industry.

 > but unfortunately, the only people who are really concerned and
 > suffering over it are the people who are actually producing online
 > intellectual and artistic content. For everyone else in the "end
 > user" category (contentwise), the attitude seems to be that
 > anything that goes up on the web is fair game.

Sure.  "So shrug, Atlas."  Those are your options: let the end users
make use, or don't put it on the mass market in the first place.

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