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Re: [tlug] Reinstall on a RAID system

On 2009-04-28 at 10:16:32, Dave M G wrote:
>Can I achieve what I'm trying to do without having to completely
>repartition and do the whole RAID setup from scratch again?

I have a suggestion, but first i must preface it with this: I'm not a
Ubuntu user (Debian is my preferred distro, which is very closely 
related though), and i have no experience with software RAID under 

Is /home on a separate partition? If so, i would expect you could run 
the install CD, configure the RAID exactly as it was, and install. 
But... either don't configure the /home partition during install *or* 
make sure you tell the partitioner not to format that partition. If you 
don't configure /home during install, you could do so later by editing 

The Ubuntu installer might also allow you to do an upgrade instead of a 
regular install, which wouldn't touch configuration files or your home 
directory, while updating the system. I don't know though; a Ubuntu user 
could better explain that. This link could possibly be useful too: Using the Alternate CD/DVD

Dan Ramaley                            Dial Center 118, Drake University
Network Programmer/Analyst             2407 Carpenter Ave
+1 515 271-4540                        Des Moines IA 50311 USA

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