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[tlug] Reinstall on a RAID system


I'm having trouble upgrading from Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04. I got halfway into the automated update process and it bailed, leaving my system unstable.

Since I have everything backed up, I thought I would just reinstall from CD and make a clean slate of things.

Also, my home directory is a different partition, so ideally I'd leave it alone and only format and install into the root partition.

The problem is that I have two hard drives configured into a software driven RAID array. I can't install with the regular install CD because it sees all the partitions on both drives as separate entities.

I downloaded the "alternate" install CD which allows me to set up a RAID system, but I can't discern if or how it is possible to isolate the root partition for installation only and leave my home directory intact.

Google isn't quite helping either. I might be using the wrong search terms, or maybe what I am doing is impossible?

Can I achieve what I'm trying to do without having to completely repartition and do the whole RAID setup from scratch again?

Thanks for any advice.

Dave M G

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