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Re: [tlug] Mac or EeePC?

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 11:20 AM, Pietro Zuco <> wrote:
> Hi Tlugers.
> A question for Tlug travelers.
> I will travel around Spain for 3 weeks.
> The environment will be: weird connections, maybe modem and few power
> supplies.
> I have the choice in between a MacBook or EeePC.
> 1. MacBook (2007) with some Vbox machines running Linux for some stuff I
> do only on Linux.
> 2. EeePC with Linux.
> I already check the weight and they are practically the same. The EeePC
> has an autonomy, already tested, of 5.5h aprox.
> The MacBook only 3h.
> Which one do you recommend?

Depends on your tools of choice, doesn't it? If you are more
productive w/ the MacBook take that, otherwise the eeePC. If you know
that 3h aren't enough and you don't take spare-batteries w/ you, you
should use the eeePC, too.
I can't remember if the MacBook from 2007 has still a modem built in,
thus you should check that beforehand (same for the eeePC).
I don't know which eeePC-model you are using but at least the
700-series is more robust than a (plastic) MacBook. In addition if you
are carrying it around w/ you all the time every gram counts. A
plastic MacBook should be around 2.2 kg, shouldn't it - an eeePC
should be more lightweight.

But the biggest concern for me, if everything differs only a little,
would be my tools of choice. In my case I would always use the Mac
because I feel more comfortable and work more productively on Mac OS X
than on any Linux-distribution. But that is totally up to you.


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