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Re: [tlug] writing japanese top-down right-left in linux

On Monday February 23 2009, David Santinoli wrote:
>OpenOffice (set "Text direction" to "Right-to-left (vertical)" in

It seems this requires some other setting to make it work. In my, i can open a new Writer document and type Japanese 
normally (left-to-right, top-to-bottom) and it Just Works. But, when i 
switch the text direction to right-to-left (vertical), Japanese doesn't 
display. English displays in that orientation, but all the letters are 
turned sideways (it looks like i'm writing a page that is set in 
landscape mode, but i'm viewing it in portrait mode).

For what its worth, i did a search and found that this might be a known 
bug either with either Debian or OOo 2.4:
The solution seems to be upgrade to OOo 3.

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