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Re: [tlug] Adding latency to network connection

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> A.Tomita writes:
>  > a few years ago (well, ok... several years ago) I used this tool
>  > to simulate not only network delays, but a variety of conditions:
>  >
> Sounds good.  If that one doesn't work for you, it occurs to me that
> the developers of git, Mercurial, and Apache probably have good tools
> for this kind of thing.

I might have a look at these later.  I basically wanted to see the
effect of a large number of slow concurrent connections on the
application.  The problem is obviously producing the load without DOSing
the load generator.  I was thinking that something like the load
generator from the "unified concurrency model"[1] article might work as
it appears it implements the tcp stack in userland.



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