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Re: Inode v. Directory Entry for info about file (was: Re: [tlug] Privacy question - owner settings)

On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 11:30 AM, jep200404 <> wrote:
> Stuart Luppescu wrote:
>> Ownership and permissions are stored in the directory entry.
> Maybe for FAT[2] filesystems, but I thought that for unix-ish
> filesystems, that the directory entry just had a name and inode
> number, and the bulk of the information about the file were in
> the inode[1] itself. There may be any number of directory entries
> all pointing to the same inode.

For the purposes of what the recipient of the file on another system
sees though, there will not be much functional difference.  Unless the
format itself supports having an owner's name (like word documents),
then it should not travel outside of the local system.

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