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[tlug] How to display ISO-2022-JP (=EUC-JP =JIS) text in vim ?

Hi all,

> 皆さん、こんばんは
> アモーです。お久しぶりです、、
> VIMと日本語の心配ですが、、
> I posted here several years ago and I found the list useful,
> so now I'd like one more time to ask some question about Japanese
> support in Linux...
> I am using Debian lenny and I would like atually write latex
> documents in Japanese, so I read the doc found in latex-cjk-japanese
> and latex-cjk-common...
> どうぞ宜しくお願いします。
> Samuel Amo

Haruhiko Okumura has made enormous research on TeX and LaTeX.
I learned his name in the university and he's been posting lots of
articles in the Wiki and even written a book analyzing Japanese TeX:

I quickly summarized what you have to do to get it installed
in a versatile way as explained below.

> I use XeLaTeX on Linux.  It is excellent.  No font compilation
> required as xelatex uses the truetype fonts directly.

I'm not sure if this is out of fashion as I've not tried the
above package.


Download the latest version of ptetex (Japanese patches to various tools
in the original) from:
Also you will need tetex source version 3.0 archive:
and tetex texmf archive:

Place all those three in a directory and extract the one
beginning with 'p' right there:

tar zxvf ptetex3-20yymmdd.tar.gz

If you don't have the root previledge and want to install this in
your home directory ${HOME} for example, do:

cd ptetex3-20yymmdd
cat my_option.sample \
| sed "s/^#\s*KANJI_CODE=UTF8/KANJI_CODE=UTF8/1" \
| sed "s:^#\s*PREFIX=%{_prefix}:PREFIX=${HOME}:1" > ../my_option
make all3
make install
export TEXMF=${HOME}

I just installed TeX this way and have no problem with typesetting
English and Japanese, creating a pdf with dvipdfmx, and slides using
beamer class with images in eps that were originally in openoffice.

Ryu :
Texas Instruments, Inc.

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