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[tlug] How to display ISO-2022-JP (=EUC-JP =JIS) text in vim ?


Hi everyone,

I posted here several years ago and I found the list useful,
so now I'd like one more time to ask some question about Japanese support in

I am using Debian lenny and I would like atually write latex documents in
Japanese, so I read the doc found in latex-cjk-japanese and latex-cjk-common.

Then I found how to do it using a JIS-encoded text (that means, encoded in
euc-jp, also called iso-2022-jp). The point is that, I can edit it using Emacs,
but I have always been using Vim and it would quite bother me to have to change
for Emacs (it's only a matter of habit).

When I try to edit it in Vim, even using :e ++enc=iso-2022-jp JIS.tex   I can
see that he recognizes the encoding, but the Japanese characters only appear
like question marks (?)

I said that he recognizes the encoding because I saw that each character stood
for one question mark, and there were no weird symbols, only question marks.

I would precise that if I edit a text in UTF8, the Japanese characters are OK.

Would anybody have an idea about the origin of the problem ?
Thank you for any help you might bring.


Samuel Amo

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