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Re: [tlug] How to display ISO-2022-JP (=EUC-JP =JIS) text in vim ?

Thank you very very much !
It works very fine now !
Yes I have to study a little more differences between euc-jp and iso-2022-jp... ^^;

2009/2/11 Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Samuel Amo writes:

 > Then I found how to do it using a JIS-encoded text (that means,
 > encoded in euc-jp, also called iso-2022-jp).

iso-2022-jp is a 7-bit code, while euc-jp is an 8-bit code.  latex-cjk
does not understand iso-2022-jp at all; non-ASCII must be 8-bit codes
because of the way it is implemented.

 > When I try to edit it in Vim, even using :e ++enc=iso-2022-jp

Try :e ++enc=euc-jp JIS.tex and you will probably get better results.

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