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Re: [tlug] building ghc 6.10.1 under amd64 hardened Gentoo

Mattia Dongili wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 02, 2009 at 02:26:06PM +0900, Edward Middleton wrote:
>> Alexander Danilov wrote:
>>> Edward Middleton пишет:
>>>> I am looking for help debugging a problem with compiling the latest ghc
>>>> 6.10.1 on amd64 hardened Gentoo.
>>> Try to look inside debian ghc package, i use it on amd64.
>>> - this link may be useful for you.
>> I will look at this, but a quick skim suggests it is not much more then
>> adding the debian package build scripts.  I think the problem is
>> probably related to PIC, but it is still useful to know 6.10.1 works on
>> amd64.
> not really, it also adds a handful of patches. I can't see anything
> really specific to x86_64 although there some bits regarding proper
> building of relocatable objects for ia64.

The patch removed that part ( note the '-' sign) and the that is the
wrong architecture anyway. ia64 is the Intel Itanium architecture not
AMD x86_64. It is obviously possible to build on the x86_64 platform
because the ebuild has an option to install prebuilt binaries, the
problem is they use an executable stack. Looking at the Gentoo ebuild it
appears that, at least in some older version, this was not necessary,
and so possibly still isn't.



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