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[tlug] Seagate Firmware Bug.

Recently I have been recommending people to use Seagate drives because I
have found them to be pretty reliable.

It is probably not news to anyone, but in case you hadn't heard, a
number of Barracuda 7200.11, ES.2 SATA, and DiamondMax 22 Drives have a
firmware bugs which can cause them to stop booting[1] permanently.

There is a web page[2] that you can check whether your drive is
effected.  You can get the model and serial number using smartctl i.e.

# smartctl -a /dev/sda | head

It appears that Seagate confounded their initial mistake by releasing a
firmware upgrade iso which didn't adequately check what firmware was
installed on the drive and whether the updated firmware would actually
boot.  I presume they have resolved this issue, but I would advise you
to backup all data if you intend to update your firmware.  I have an
effected drive in my RAID1 array on my server so I will tell you how the
upgrade goes.




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