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[tlug] Kubuntu 8.04 -> 8.10 Upgrade "Problems"

CL writes:

 > I rebooted and ... I see the "This is your PC on drugs" background,

Ehem ... people who run Ubuntu do so primarily because they don't want
to deal with this kind of issue.  If you want help from the many folks
who actually could write a Kubuntu (but chose not to), you probably
should not use terms that only make sense if you've got that distro
running in front of you.  Eg, if that's the standard background for
Kubuntu, say "'This is your PC on drugs' background standard for

 > Before I D/L a new .iso and make my HDD a virgin again, is there
 > another possible fix from root?  Google has not been my friend this
 > time.

Check to see if kdm (or whatever display manager) is started and
running.  In that area of the boot log look for errors from things
whose names indicate they might have something to do with "start",
"init", or "log[io]m", etc.

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