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[tlug] Yahoo BB Argh

Hello all,
	I'm heading back to the UK temporarily, and want to quit my Yahoo BB
contract. The only problem is:
	1) I applied over the Internet
	2) I didn't have a phone when I applied
	3) I'm using the wire-only type
	4) I can't remember my Yahoo JP login
	5) I can't find any forms or statements from Yahoo
	6) They don't appear to have sent me any email either
	7) Maybe I registered using a Skype phone number but now they say
that's an IP phone and so it's impossible
	8) 日本語ちょっと不自由

	Yeah, OK, so I'm a klutz. In fact, I all I know is my name, address, IP
address and BB Phone number. Unfortunately this turns out not to be
enough to cancel the DSL service. Can I just stop paying, or will that
have ill effects when I come back to Japan? I can understand them making
it hard for people to cancel the contract and all, but anyone found a
way to convince the mindless customer service drones to use the
information that I have, not the information I don't have?


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