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Re: [tlug] Gigabit Internet connection

Stephen Lee wrote:
> Edward Middleton <> wrote:
>> [...]  I use 1Gb Ethernet on the home network.  It didn't give 
>> a me significant performance boost until I started using Jumbo frames 
>> 9000k, which as far as I can see, are still unusable on the internet.
> nitpick: it is 9000 _bytes_ not 9000k.


> And sadly support for Jumbo frames seems to be on the decline.  Most of the new motherboards have Gigabit ethernet support but nearly all of them uses LOM chips
> that lacks Jumbo frames support.  Even Intel stripped it out.

OK that could be the case, I only use external network cards.  Last time
I checked Yodobashi-Akiba (Monday) the PCI and PCIe network cards they
stocked all seemed to have Jumbo frame support but not all of them
supported 9k frames.

> Supposedly with the fast CPUs it is not needed...  I'm a bit doubtful
> but haven't gotten around to testing it.

I think most users don't get much better then 100Mbit throughput but
that is still a massive improvement on the 10-12Mbit throughput they
were getting on the 100Mbit cards ;)  I didn't notice how low throughput
was until I actually checked.


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