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Re: [tlug] Somewhat OT- open source software for US voting machines

Curt Sampson wrote:
> On 2008-09-30 15:48 +0900 (Tue), scott wrote:
>>     "When asked about future elections, Bowen said the one technology
>> she'd like to see integrated into voting systems tomorrow is open-source
>> software....
>> IMHO, this is a very good idea. There needs to be electoral
>> accountability at every step of the way, especially with these machines
>> responsible for counting the votes.

A summary for the lazy, close source has problems, although open source
is better it still has problems, therefore all forms of e-voting systems
are bad, or in his words.

"The gains in system quality that source availability might offer are
not sufficient to outweigh the considerable risks to the voting process
that all forms of e-voting present. It was for these reasons that, after
three years of extensive effort, I ceased development of GNU.FREE, the
world's first open source e-voting software. "

To prove this he would have to show that it is not possible to implement
an e-voting systems that is more effective then the current manual
methods.  The problem is that his arguments are based solely on the
premise that all problems relating to the voting process can/should be
solved by technical means.  This is flawed whether you used electronic
or manual voting procedures.


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