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Re: [tlug] Truetype fonts and japanese vertical text (was: Re: [BUG] libass: Japanese font with '@'-Prefix rendered wrong])

Tobias Diedrich <> wrote:
> maybe someone knowledgeable here can/wants to comment on this?
> The substation alpha subtitle rendering engine used in MPlayer
> currently handles vertical fonts wrong. (@-prefixed Truetype fonts)

What "correct" result are you expecting? (There are several, and there
is a section in "CJKV Information Processing" that talks about them.)

Using @-fonts is a common way to help render this.  Try writing the
following phrase in Wordpad in MS Gothic:

これは、「日本語」(ニホンゴー)です。This is "English".

Now, duplicate the line and change the 2nd line's font to @MS Gothic.
You'll notice that:

1. Kanjis are rotated.
2. The positions of the comma and full stops changed.
3. Parentheses and Quotation marks are not rotated.
4. The katakana long vowel mark is not rotated.
5. English text is not rotated.

This is so that if you rotate it 90 degrees (either by print it out
and doing it physically or after-process it with more software), the
@-version becomes acceptable Japanese vertical writing.

Stephen Lee <>

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