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Re: [tlug] Help! Total hardware failure

Le vendredi 12 septembre 2008, a écrit :
> So if nothing else, I'm wondering if there's anyone who can help me hook
> up this hard drive and copy some data over to some DVDs or something. Or
> recommend somewhere I can do that. Assuming, of course, the drive is
> readable.

The cache error is frightening...
Clicking noises means a drive dead. This happens on a (cold) boot.
If it's the engine, you might have luck placing plates in another identical 
drive, but that needs a clean operation, and it's risky. If was the card, it 
would have been easier.

If you think you can read data:
Go and buy a ATA->SATA at akiba.
Copy data with a retry count of 1:
Retrying more can damage more!
Get Photorec and rebuild what you can

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