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Re: [tlug] Firefox 3.0.1 doesn't respect <meta http-equiv="content-type">

On 2008-09-11 10:55 +0900 (Thu), Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> Curt Sampson writes:
>  > This is why we (at Starling) don't generally use system-default
>  > configuration files or startup scripts for this sort of stuff. Let QAM
>  > manage all of your configuration and server start/stop stuff, and these
>  > problems go away.
> Nonsense.  Sometimes configs should be updated, and it's very helpful
> for the vendor to offer to do that.

Right. Ideally, of course, it's whomever made the software, and they
simply change or add a default setting, and your config files keep
working fine.

> Since QAM is not a vendor, it can't provide that help....

I don't see why we are any less unable than Debian to "provide that
help" for Apache software. In fact, we're probably more able, since we
at least leave you with the vendors defaults, rather than making up our
own and changing them on you without notice.

> I have to go find out what TRT is myself. QAM might be a better way
> for *vendors* to manage these things, but I don't use QAM so I can't
> judge that.

I'm not sure who you think a "vendor" is, but QAM is designed for the
guy at the pointy end who's actually deploying and running a server.

> As I mentioned, Gentoo does this right (without the aid of QAM AFAIK
> ;-).  It took me about 15 minutes to work through 150 conffiles
> updates when I got back from California and updated my system to
> current.

Riiiight.. Anybody who thinks that spending time working through config
files during an upgrade is a good thing doesn't manage many systems,
I'll tell you that.

What you do works for you, with only a couple of machines and a handful
of applications to manage. Try it with a couple of dozen production
applications on top of all the usual stuff (mail and so on) and a couple
of dozen servers running all of these.

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