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Re: [tlug] Windows Is Free For Business

Niels Kobschaetzki wrote:
What I wonder is if they ever think about the fact what happens if a
competing company finds out that they use pirated software. The first
thing I'd do would probably give the police a tip - with the probably
following razzia they will loose all their computers and date which
will get them out of business because I doubt it that they are
prepared for such a case. All that with a simple phone call.

I gather it tends to be disgruntled ex-employees, and they call the BSA[1] because the BSA can be nastier. The BSA was running campaign a while back specifically targeting employees to report their companies.

Now to the university: I never actually understood how they do the
license-thing. I just know that there's a standard package (win xp,
office 2003, acrobat 8 pro) and for anything else the department has
to buy additional licenses. Depending on the professor even they try
to circumvent it. And they get the cheap educational licenses for
everything. But some professors prefer to use the money of the
department to get to conferences, buy books etc but not software (or
in some cases coomputer equipment…some have so old equipment you won't
believe it)
At least the credo in the IT-department where I work is that we do not
help them or give tips "how to pirate" a specific piece of software
and won't hand out copies of software when there's no license
available at the department.

I would be very surprised if the BSA started going after universities considering how much effort vendors put into getting their software into education programs, but then they are the BSA.



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