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Re: [tlug] kindle, iliad or sony et al [semi-ot]

On Fri, Sep 05, 2008 at 08:28:24AM +0900, Kenneth Burling wrote:
> I looked into Calibre but could not get it to build at the time.  I may have
> to give it another go.

There are binary versions already available.  I found the installation
brainless on OS X and Windows and rather trouble free on Ubuntu.  Perhaps
there are some bad assumptions that cause it to blow up on other Linux
distributions unfortunately.

> Also reading the documentation at the time (note I say at the time) it
> indicated that the libs it was based off of were geared towards the 500, and
> made some assumptions about what should work on the 505 based on that.  One
> of the biggest being how the system handled internal memory and the external
> memory card.   With the 505 you can't just dump things on the card and watch
> it go.  everything has to be updated in it's config files. ^^

When I bought my 505 I updated my firmware the day I bought it and have never
had issues with dropping in files into the SD card and watching it popup in the
505.  However, updating the main memory itself I think I've noticed some weirdness
with just trying to dump a file in and have it auto-scanned.

> :-) Later today I may download it again and give it a look.

Highly recommended.  Unless you want to read commercial books which
I presume will require the Sony utility but I've not found the need
just yet.

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