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Re: [tlug] Peripheral hardware hunting

2008/9/2 Curt Sampson <>:
> On 2008-09-02 18:53 +0900 (Tue), Ian Wells wrote:
>> US or UK layout + JP physical keyboard = missed spacebar, delete
>> (which remappings can assist with to an extent, but it's still
>> annoying).
> In what circumstances to remapping the keys around space to space (and
> similar with backspace) not fix this issue?

In my experience I've found that if you land your finger between the
keys you just end up half-pressing both - doesn't that happen to you?

> Actually, I do believe that vbar/backslash just inside the left shift
> key is originally an old IBM US layout that has since been abandoned
> (somewhere around the mid-80s). Or my memory is failing me, but it looks
> do darn familiar, I do believe I've used it.

Dunno.  That one's divisive, I know other people that miss the
extra-long shift key of American keyboards.

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