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Re: [tlug] Peripheral hardware hunting

On 2008-09-02 18:53 +0900 (Tue), Ian Wells wrote:

> US or UK layout + JP physical keyboard = missed spacebar, delete
> (which remappings can assist with to an extent, but it's still
> annoying).

In what circumstances to remapping the keys around space to space (and
similar with backspace) not fix this issue?

In what way do remmping the keys around space and backspace not help with

> Edward makes a valid point, too, as a work with another British person
> with an appreciation for properly laid out keyboards...

Actually, I do believe that vbar/backslash just inside the left shift
key is originally an old IBM US layout that has since been abandoned
(somewhere around the mid-80s). Or my memory is failing me, but it looks
do darn familiar, I do believe I've used it.

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