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Re: [tlug] [Announcement] TLUG Technical Meeting 2008-01-12 - update

Hi there,

By courtesy of Edward Middleton and others, I'd like to provide a live
stream from the meeting today.

If you are interested, see and
make sure you can watch the testing streams with your player by the
time the session starts (2:00pm).

Note that the live stream may be canceled or suspended for any
reasons.  The wiki page above will always be updated to the latest
information.  If you have any troubles or questions, ask me at at

Today I'll provide a stream of 320x240 quality.  Maybe you feel the
video quality is not good, but it's a (current) limitation of
opensource/free codecs.

I hope you can enjoy today's live.

YAEGASHI Takeshi <> <> <>

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