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Re: [tlug] [OT] Intel core duo errata

Josh Glover writes:

 > Microsoft took over the desktop PC and then slithered into the
 > datacentre with young admins who had never used a non-Microsoft MS.
 > That is the secret to their popularity.

There's more to it than that.  (But *you* know.  Aren't you the guy
who just mentioned detesting Microsoft's "embrace and eviscerate"
approach to standards?)

For example, somebody (burlingk, was it?) was having issues with the
digest and/or threads.  I looked at the headers of his posts and while
there are no reply-to or references headers (both of which are
Internet standards), it's got all this non-standard but non-X-prefixed
header cruft to implement threading internal to the Exchange
community.  So Microsoft is (a) providing a more or less equivalent,
but incompatible, feature and (b) polluting the header namespace at
the same time.  (a) makes it hard to Microsoft Exchange clients to use
non-Microsoft MUAs, while (b) makes it (just that tiny bit) harder for
*everybody* to use non-Microsoft MUAs.  The litany is as endless as at
a Buddhist funeral.

There may have been an appropriate amount of slithering and apple-
polishing involved, but these guys are buttloads smarter than that
Snake in the Garden (or at least a lot smarter than the child
psychology Satan needed to hoodwink Eve and Adam).

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