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Re: [tlug] Why the shirts? Why TLUG?

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007 18:46:40 +0900"Zev Blut" wrote:

>> Maybe my interests are simply too divergent from the interests of most
>> TLUG folks? If so, then I should be looking elsewhere. Can anyone
>> recommend an alternative Linux group that is more focused on seizing the
>> current window of opportunity against Vista?
>Ken Cotton of Tokyo PC is trying create a SIG group that is doing
>exactly that.  You should get in touch with him.

That's the idea. Original plan is to meet on the SAT afternoon that 
there is no TLUG technical meeting. Focus would be Linux on the desktop. 
First few meetings would be some distro installations on machines people 
bring in. I could bring one every time. Hardware and drivers, including 
video and WiFi would also be discussed.

Ideal location would be in/near Akihabara so people could shop before or 
after. We could pay maybe up to 15,000 Yen, but free would be better. If 
we have to pay we may end up down the road charging non-members 500 Yen 
or having an auction/donation. Only expect 5-10 people at first. Have 
talked to several people that say they would come.

Contact me if interested. Meeting date/time/location would be posted in 
here and to the TPC announcement mailing list (tpc-list).

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