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[tlug] TLUG Shirts version 1.0


On Saturday morning I made an order for 50 shirts.  If everything goes
as planned -- i.e. no shipping problems -- then people will be able to
get shirts at the next meeting.

* The winning logo is the multi flower
** Fixes were made to the text alignment and the penguin's feet.
* The shirt will be white with a large logo in the center.
* I went with the Japanese printer, because it is easier for me to
deal with.
** We have the silk screen for 1 year, so we can make reprints or use
it with additional logos.

I am sure some of you are happy with this and others are groaning in
disappointment.  I am not going to argue personal style tastes, if
you don't like the design no one is forcing you to buy a shirt.

This round of shirt making may have gone fast, but it was needed to
get the ball rolling and finally have a TLUG shirt made.  Hopefully,
it will be easier to have the next version shirts made in the future.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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