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[tlug] Re: Why the shirts? Why TLUG?

Why the shirts?  Good question.  I have an answer, but you'll have to
bear with me.

So, Shannon, why are you trolling for an argument?  Please, stop
trolling.  It just gets you disliked.  And there is no need for
argument.  Put on your Nikes and Just Do It.

You see, TLUG is a dis-organization of volunteers.  We have some
traditional activities (running the meetings, technical and nomikai),
and services (the mailing list).  Since the mailing list more or less
defines membership, obviously that will get consensus support of
subscribers, and there is no lack of competent volunteers.  Nomikais
(in some form) are a basic human need, so that's also a shoo-in.

Everything else, including meeting content, is done by *an individual*
who cares *positively* about getting that done.  They say "let's" and
TLUG being "rich enough" nobody says "I think that's inappropriate use
of TLUG resources".[1]  We take votes only for officers, yet things
get done.  (How now, Lao Tao!)  Nomikais are an important part of
that, in the sense that if you organize the work, I'll guarantee there
will be a nomikai afterward, and a lot of work will be done by people
who are really there for the company/beer, not the work.

If *you* want to *do* something, with support from TLUG, I'm sure you
would get it.  Maybe not from me, directly, but I wouldn't oppose it.
Maybe not as much as you would like or think you need.  That's life in
this vale of tears; if you are serious about getting as much as you
would like, you act like Bill Gates.  If being a robber baron is not
an option for you, you're gonna have to do much of the work yourself.

You say "Yes, there are a few rosy statements on the website about the
objectives, but I've been assessing TLUG mostly by the members'
behavior."  Do you include behavior such as the volunteer service of
members in disaster relief via Linux, writing books, developing
software, installfests, other societies, etc?  You should, because
TLUG is at root an association *of* "people who do things like that".

TLUG, at present, is not a "vehicle *for* doing things like that",
though it could be ... if somebody wants to lead it that way.
"Somebody" could be you.  But ...

I don't see that you've ever made a positive, concrete statement about
what you want to do.  If what you want to do is unclear to you, you
could also (what a concept!) be a *presenter* and talk about what
you've done.  Then we could all take the implication that you'd like
to do that, only more and better, maybe.  Of course, you'll probably
still have to take the lead on the actual doing, but maybe you get
lucky, somebody else will get the fire lit under them.

When put hypothetically, like "What if we held an installfest ...",
sure, you will get answers like "... and nobody came?  They won't
come, you know."  If you want this time to be different, put on your
Nikes ....  Some of the naysayers will help; some of your more fervent
supporters won't.  That's the way TLUG currently works.  (I'll also
add that IMO it works pretty well.)

And *that* is why TLUG needs a T-shirt now.  Because Zev wants us to
have one, and is showing leadership in making it work.

[1]  Actually, they do, but then they leave.  All hail wileyc!

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