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Re: [tlug] Why the shirts? Why TLUG?

Maybe my interests are simply too divergent from the interests of most TLUG
folks? If so, then I should be looking elsewhere. Can anyone recommend an
alternative Linux group that is more focused on seizing the current window
of opportunity against Vista? I see there's a LinuxWorld Expo next month
(and I just registered for it), but I haven't found any links to alternative
Linux groups in Japan (including searching in the TLUG website).

I really am not sure what you want from TLUG. I asked in an earlier thread if you wanted it to become and incorporated body - that is with fees, a more formal structure, a "constitution" and what not. However, I never received a response from you.

Also, if you want an incorporated body what would be it's purpose.
Simply saying to seize the "window of opportunity against Vista" does
not really tell me what you want. I can assume you want to convert
hordes of end users over to the Linux desktop, but that is only an
assumption. I would like to know what you would plan to do with this
new beast and more money.

As for the LinuxWorld Expo, it is alright I suppose but it is not
really a community event.

Anyway, I may be a bad person for saying this but for me TLUG is a
place to meet like minded people, have some fun whilst interacting
with said people. Birds of a feather flock together - or in our case
penguins of a feather.

Final point. I'm not afraid of spending some money to achieve certain
goals. I'm just not sure that TLUG is where I would spend it. Also, I
do not know if the current members of TLUG have enough free time to
morph TLUG into a "business" - I know I don't...

On the other hand organisations like The Linux Foundation exist that
may be what you need:

"The Linux Foundation has been founded to help close the gap between
open source and proprietary platforms, while sustaining the openness,
freedom of choice and technical superiority inherent in open source

You can join them here as a member or affiliate[2]

Regards, Keith


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