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Re: [tlug] Linux-compatible Mac laptop? SOLVED

Micheal Cooper writes:

 > On 2007/04/12, at 16:36, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
 > > Not if you use Microsoft Office for Mac.  Maybe they've fixed it more
 > > recently (I think my copy is two years old), but true MSFT Office is
 > > the only app I have that consistently generates mojibake.

 > I haven't seen any mojibake on it,

I was specifically referring to file names.  They show up OK in the
title bar when first opened but there's some way of saving them
(perhaps under a new name, and it may have to do with a length
restriction) where they get written to the directory I suspect in
shit-JIS.  Of course Mac file system doesn't know shit-JIS from a hole
in the ground (it's UTF-8), so after that nothing gets them right.

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