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Re: [tlug] OT: Mailing List Recommendations

On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 00:51:36 +0900, "Greg Thomson " <>

> Looking for a free mailing list service.

I own and run several Yahoo groups, so let's go through your
requirements point-by-point.

> Japanese Support

No problem. The mailing list manager simply spits out what you throw at
it, so if you send it something in UTF-8, EUC-JP or ISO-2022-JP, that's
what you'll get out the other end.

> Easy to setup, add members and maintain. (This is quite a
> technically challenged group of women.)

Check. As long as you walk her through changing the defaults, which are
rather permissive.

> Supports email to and from keitai's with web access a plus.

There is no keitai-specific interface AFAIK, but gmail has one, so it
is possible to use your keitai to send mail to the list (and read it)
via a web interface.

> Private

No problem. When you set the list up you can exclude it from the

G. Stewart -

Money isn't everything, but at least it keeps the kids in touch.

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