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Re: [tlug] Linux-compatible Mac laptop?

On Mon, 9 Apr 2007, Joseph Essertier wrote:

...the hard disk that stops when the computer is moved suddenly, etc.

On Mon, 9 Apr 2007, Niels Kobschštzki wrote:

...and the Apple Remote (which is great when you're doing presentations)...

Before you guys get too caught up in wonderful Mac hardware, I should note that my two-year-old IBM Thinkpad T42 has both a hard disk that stops on shock and an infrared port (even my 4+ year old T32 has an infrared port).

lirc will let you do all sorts of interesting things with the infrared
port, including send X events to programs, so using a remote for a
presentation should be no problem at all.

And there are some wonderful features that PC notebooks have that Macs
don't. My T42 has three mouse buttons (having only one button is just
complete user-interface nonsense, IMHO), both a touch-pad and a nipple
(as a 100 wpm touch-typist, the nipple is a very definite ergonomic
advantage--anything that keeps my fingers at the home row is a good
thing), and a fingerprint reader. The last I've not bothered to get
working under Unix yet (though I should), but logging in to Windows via
a single finger-swipe a awfully convenient and cool.

As well, I get a very fast processor (Pentium Ms are amazingly speedy),
a pretty good screen (1400x1050), a form factor slimmer than any Mac
notebook I know of, and lower weight (less than 3 KG, even with a CD-RW
or DVD-RW). And this was 140,000 yen new.

I've got a client who switched, and has both a PowerPC and an Intel
Macbook; I've played with both. For me, at least, the Thinkpads are
unquestionably ergonomically better.

Curt Sampson       <>        +81 90 7737 2974

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