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Re: [tlug] Seriously? No undo for rm? No trash bin?

On Mon, 09 Apr 2007 17:36:11 +0900
Dave M G <> wrote:

> I looked on Google, and most things I read say that Linux is extremely 
> unforgiving, and there is no way to reverse an "rm" command.

It's not linux, it's unix. One of the core philosophies behind
unix is that the user knows what he is doing. The system should
not question anything, even if it is extremely dangerouse.
Otherwise you'll get windows type questions like "Are you
really sure you want to move the mouse?" 
Thus deleting is a one way operation. no way back.
Well.. there is one, if you were using ext2/3, there is
an undelete howto:

Just pray that you haven't done too much with the file
system yet to trash all your files.
And as a hint, if the system in question isn't runnning
currently, don't boot it until you have read the howto.
If it's running, read it fast, very fast.

And as a comfort: We all learned this lesson the very same way.

			Attila Kinali

Linux ist... wenn man einfache Dinge auch mit einer kryptischen
post-fix Sprache loesen kann
                        -- Daniel Hottinger

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