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Re: [tlug] Linux-compatible Mac laptop?

On 4/4/2007, "Micheal Cooper" <> wrote:

>in a VM on MacOSX. Installation is very easy with Parallels, provided
>you know that you must choose a non-SMP kernel at boot.

I'm running Kubuntu Edgy in Parallels on a MacBook Pro, and while it's
very fast (feels faster than the native install on my Athlon 64 3800+ at
home), it's not very satisfying b/c there are no shared folders or
shared clipboard between OS X and a Linux guest OS in Parallels (b/c
Parallels Tools are not yet ported to Linux), so transferring data
between the two systems involves sneakernet, FTP, SCP, Samba, etc., or
for small stuff, re-typing it.

If Parallels Tools for Linux were available, I could chuck Entourage and
just use Evolution in Parallels for my Exchange client and I'd be much
happier. Would also love to see Coherence mode for a Linux guest,
that's very nice for running Windows progs (although I usually go for
weeks without running one).

For anyone who is running Linux on a late-model iBook or PowerBook, how
is the performance compared to x86 notebooks contemporary to it? Would
you recommend something like that over, say, a ThinkPad T40?



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