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Re: [tlug] [OT] How is Akanbe expressed in English?

There is not an expression that is the same in the US. We think it's pretty cute and anime fans in the US often do it to each other.

In the US there are similar expressions:

Sticking out your tongue: An expression of yuck or not pleased. Mild put down.

The raspberry: Sticking one's tongue out a little and buzzing the lips like you're playing a trumpet, generally with little bits of spit flying out. This is a more serious put down along the lines of "I hate you", but may be used teasingly between friends. Actually any of these are commonly used among friends. Sometimes a greeting between close friends may involve put downs that peel paint.

Moose horns: stick your thumbs in your ears and wave your fingers or just hold them up. Usually accompanied by sticking out ones tongue or a raspberry.

Weird nose half moose: I don't really know the name of this one if it has one. You put you're thumb to your nose with you're fingers extended up and perhaps waving so that the flat of your hand is perpendicular to your face.

Nose pull up?: I've seen on rare occasions people pull the tip of their noses up which makes them look like a pig.

Most all of these are considered juvenile. You won't catch businessmen doing things like this unless their drunk or otherwise letting down their guard.

My wife chimed in and says she's seen Canadians do the pulling down of the lower eyelid.

ITSUMI ken-ichi wrote:
Hi tluger

This is complete off topic. I have 2 funny questions around Akanbe.

0) example of Akanbe

1) How is Akanbe expressed in English?

Is "Cook a one's snook"  exactly same action ?
Or are there any better expressions?

2) Is this action common on your country?

Thank you.

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