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Re: [tlug] script to disable / enable processes in rc?.d/

Scott VanDusen wrote:
Maybe my post wasn't clear- I mentioned that I do use update-rc.d -f service remove for this, but the issue is that it removes every instance of symlink to the service, as well as the number that the service initially had been assigned. From what I understand (and I might be wrong) the number assigned determines when the service is loaded during boot sequence, and therefore to preserve that the docs say change the service prefix S to a K, and change the number to 100 minus initial number. So my objective wasn't to remove all of the symlinks, I wanted to change them. That way in the future if I wanted to add the service again I could use the proper # instead of the default 20. It's probably no big deal when they load though.


Scott VanDusen

Does this help?

update-rc.d service start 100 2 3 4 5 . stop 100 0 1 6 .

Regards, Keith

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