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Re: [tlug] script to disable / enable processes in rc?.d/

Scott VanDusen wrote:
This seems really めんどくさい, does anyone actually do this? It seems the other option is to delete all the symlinks in all the runlevels, and then run update-rc.d -f service remove. Or perhaps just temporarily moving the file it is symlinking to into another directory. But say like you wanted to disable the service in all runlevels as they recommend above- leaving the symlink but switching the S to a K? I'd like to have some script to automatically do this from a shell, but I'm not sure how to do this so I thought I would ask the pros. For example to temporarily disable the process monopoly I thought of doing something like:


When working with Debian/Ubuntu you can use the update-rcd command to do this sort of stuff. man update-rcd is a good place to start.

On RedHat/Fedora us can use chkconfig. Again man chkconfig is a good place to start.

Regards, Keith

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