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Re: [tlug] Starting a program when logging in [SOLVED]

>>>>> "Dave" writes:

    Dave> Sorry I wasn't clear about running the program when I log in
    Dave> or when X starts. The thing is, I don't know, and I guess it
    Dave> doesn't even really matter to me. I just want irexec to be
    Dave> running when I'm using my computer.

So does everybody.  Everybody also wants their computer connected to
the network.  The system that offers this combination with the least
amount of user knowledge or effort is called "Virus Incubator", eh,
excuse me, "Microsoft Windows".

The connection between "ease of use" and "seriously antisocial
behavior" is no accident.

There's nothing wrong with wanting ease of use, or implementing it.
There is plenty that can still be done to improve ease of use of Linux
systems in particular, and computers in general, without compromising
security.  But it is almost never a no-brainer nowadays.

So, from the point of view of social responsibility there's a certain
minimum level of knowledge required of users.  This is no different
from sex or driving.

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