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Re: [tlug] regarding Zaurus presentation

Michael Reinsch wrote:
> On 15.05.2006, 09:41 +0900 Micheal E Cooper wrote:
>> I am using the Sharp ROM, because I really need the dictionary, 
> About the dictionary: 
> 1) the dictionary files themselves come in a standard format called
> EPWING [1].
> 2) the dictionary software itself (zdict) is open source [2]
> BTW: there are also several (free) third party dictionaries available
> [3] which can be used within zdict. I'm using the KanjiDic and EDICT on
> my Zaurus.

You might also want to look at.

>> I would strongly recommend that you look into KOrganizer Independent
>> (KO/Pi). It runs on Linux, Zaurus, and Windows, and the sync functions
>> are wonderful.
> My only problem with that: I am already using something else (Evolution)
> and I do not intend to switch to KDE or any QT based application...

The problem I had with KO/Pi was that on the pdaXrom it seem to pull in
the whole kde environment, which didn't seem to work well running from
the SD card.


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