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[tlug] regarding Zaurus presentation

As a Zaurus SL-C3000 user, I would like to suggest some details for the
Zaurus presentation.

I am using the Sharp ROM, because I really need the dictionary, and
because I have not bought an SD memory card, which is necessary to
install another ROM.

I have a wireless LAN card, but it really is not that useful. This might
be because I live in a rural area with no hotspots, however.

I would strongly recommend that you look into KOrganizer Independent
(KO/Pi). It runs on Linux, Zaurus, and Windows, and the sync functions
are wonderful. I am happily using it, though I intend to keep
auditioning other planner solutions, particularly emacs planner-mode.
But for the time being, I am happy with KO/Pi, which stores calendar
data in vcal/ical files and address data (KA/Pi) in vcard files. The
convenience of having exactly the same interface and application and
data in your pocket and on the big screen on your desktop is not to be
underestimated. Also, the vcal implementation includes the
often-overlooked journal function of vcal, which allows you to have logs
or journal entries inside the ics file, specific to the date. It really
is quite nice.

A last heads-up for the pdf reader program PDF Viewer. When you first
install it, the option under properties entitled "アプリケーションをVGA
(480x640ドット)の画面に最適化して実行する" is on. That might seem
to be the right setting, but it isn't, and you might think that the PDF
Viewer software is junk written for 700 series Zaurus. Turn this off,
and you get a full-page-width representation of the pdf that moves
naturally with the OK-arrow-button on the bottom right.


fn:Micheal Cooper
org:Miyazaki International College;Computing Services
adr:;;1405 Kano;Kiyotake;Miyazaki;8891602;Japan

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