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Re: [tlug] regarding Zaurus presentation

Micheal E Cooper wrote:
> As a Zaurus SL-C3000 user, I would like to suggest some details for the
> Zaurus presentation.
Thanks for your comments. I would have been great if you gave them in
person at the presentation!
> I am using the Sharp ROM, because I really need the dictionary, and
> because I have not bought an SD memory card, which is necessary to
> install another ROM.
I've flashed a Cacko ROM since it has compatibility with the Sharp ROM
and it pretty much does most of the things I want now that the default
apps on the 760 didn't. I also was able to get rid of some useless tools
like HancomExcel (Who the heck can read spreadsheet on that screen?)
that the Sharp ROM made very difficult to uninstall.

> I have a wireless LAN card, but it really is not that useful. This might
> be because I live in a rural area with no hotspots, however.
I've found my wireless LAN card of varying usefulness since many of the
hotspots I find are encrypted and I'm not fond of paying more money for
a service I probably won't use frequently.

> I would strongly recommend that you look into KOrganizer Independent
> (KO/Pi). It runs on Linux, Zaurus, and Windows, and the sync functions
I've just installed it and have started really getting into it. It looks
like one of the best tools I've found so far. The sync options seem to
have the flexibility I want. It looks like it can use SSH/SCP to sync
against a remote file which looks perfect for my needs. I have a server
always running and I can make that the canonical dumping ground.

> A last heads-up for the pdf reader program PDF Viewer. When you first
Thanks for the notice but I've tried qpdf for a few months and was very
disappointed with the performance when viewing large PDF files. You
might say I shouldn't be doing that but if I can't, then what's the
point. I don't think there's much beyond adding a GPU and some Japanese
drivers (which will probably break with kernel revision
that would get the PDF to render at speeds I found acceptable. I'm going
to start looking into pdf2html rendering solutions since HTML reading
was just dandy for me.


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