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[tlug] Answer to Mystery: temporarily blocked by smtp - probably Thunderbird issue

This is interesting, but first a mea culpa - I was using Thunderbird on WinXP at the time. I have a good reason, and I use two other Linux workstations, so forgive me.

The server I was trying to use does not relay, in fact. I had been using it for mail for the users on that server, but after using the mailto: link from Thunderbird, I was unable to do even that.

So I changed my smtp server to my provider, YahooBB, and it worked just fine... until I tried the mailto: link again. AGAIN, I was blocked from the smtp server, or so it seemed. I could not connect with putty, either. Restarting TB did not help.

Then I rebooted, and voila, I was able to use ybbsmtp again.

It seems to be a Windows thang, since it affected all programs on the system.

Sorry to have bothered you with such a trivial issue. At first, I thought that it was either Thunderbird or Sendmail on Red Hat.


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