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Re: [tlug] Where to take a PC wrote:

Hello, someone can recomend me a place in tokyo, (a personal shop not a company service center, maybe in Akihabara), where i can take PCs when are broken, for example, now I need to replace the power suply of a computer.

I don't have an answer regarding repair, but I have some power supplies laying around that I want to get rid of to free up the space they are taking up. They are from decommissioned computers and all are in good working order AFAIK. What type of computer do you need a new power supply for? If we're lucky, it'll be a model using the same physical sized unit as one of the machines my extra power supplies came out of. I'd be happy to give one to you for free so long as we can meet somewhere convenient in central Tokyo.


PS We are talking about desktop machines here and not a laptop I hope. I have a couple of extra power supplies from some old Toshiba laptops, but mostly I have desktop power supplies....

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